Advantages and disadvantages of IT contracting

Advantages and Disadvantages of IT Contracting
By OSK Contracting

Contracting has become common practice across a number of industry sectors including IT. The benefits of contracting can be significant including greater financial reward and independence. However, there are also down sides including administrative issues and reduced security.

Advantages of Contracting

More money
Due to the short-term nature of the work, most employers are prepared to pay substantially higher rates to contractors than to employees. The employer benefits through savings in holiday pay, sick pay, redundancy etc.

The freedom to change jobs on a regular basis without the formality of notice and without associated blemishes in career history.

The satisfaction and independence of being self-employed.

Not being fixed to set annual holidays. Having freedom to take extended holidays between contracts.

Working in different software environments adds to your skills, thus making you more marketable.

Experienced contractors are marketable in many locations, both at home and overseas, which may give you the opportunity to travel.

Tax Savings
Possibility of organised tax planning through running your own business. Also, with tax not being deducted at source from your income, you can earn extra interest income

Disadvantages of Contracting

Additional paperwork and day-to-day attention to your affairs is required as you are running your own business.

Ensuring you have enough money to pay the tax when it falls due.

Holiday Pay
You receive no remuneration for holiday periods - although your contract rate is increased to reflect this.

Sick Pay
You receive no remuneration when absent from work through illness, although this can normally be offset by a good Permanent Health Insurance policy (the premiums paid will be tax deductible).

You are not protected by current legislation offering certain rights to employees.

You basically work continuously on the set of skills you had when you started

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